E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth

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Annual Meeting 2015

Award of Excellence

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“Life on Earth” is something new, even in the new field of digital textbooks. It’s not a conversion or companion to a paper text, but a learning experience designed from the ground up to take best advantage of the interactive format. We started with a well established curriculum based on current standards, so the material can be used in classrooms today. Then we applied fresh perspectives, considered new education approaches like the flipped classroom, and pushed for all the new and exciting possibilities that digital technology could bring.

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Rethinking the way we teach and learn

Our team of science and visualization experts dedicated themselves to identifying barriers to learning and teaching. We applied fresh perspectives to established concepts in order to improve comprehension and readability.

Explore physical and temporal scales

Inspect data at your own pace

Embrace complexity

Learn "at the bench"


Combine intuitive visuals

with quantitative understanding

Explore models in 3D

Understand detail within a broader context

Understand life cycles

Understand with visual analogies

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